At the cinéma les 3 Luxembourg - 67 rue monsieur le prince 75006 paris
Screening date:25-11-2015 -- 18:30
Last Stop

A vast and violent labyrinth lies right in the heart of Tel Aviv. It is the Central Bus Station, Israel's main transportation artery. Living in and around it are thousands of refugees, children of migrant workers with no identity of their own, and Jewish families who feel like strangers in their homes. 

Chaos rules in this impossible meeting place. The racism that has erupted from its cellars has gotten out of control and life continues precariously.

Country: Israel
Year: 2014
Production: Shula Spiegel , Dana Eden
Contact: Go2Films
Director: Julie Shles
Editing: Sharon Elovic
Cinematography: Vitali Krivich, Reuven Brodsky
Sound: Aviv Aldema
Documentary 76'

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Julie Shles studied film at Beit Zvi School in Ramat Gan.

2015: Broke
2011: Seven Clean Days
2005: Muchrachim lehiyot same'ach
2002: Sewing for Bread
1995: Baba Luba
1993: St. Jean


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