At the cinéma les 3 Luxembourg - 67 rue monsieur le prince 75006 paris
Screening date:23-11-2015 -- 18:30
High Hopes

Many Bedouin refugees living near Jerusalem were forcibly displaced during Oslo to a garbage dump. During recent peace talks, Israel developed plans to displace 7,000 Bedouins near Jerusalem to expand Ma'ale Adumim settlement: The E1 Development Plan.

Country: Palestine/Israel
Year: 2014
Production: Angela Godfrey-Goldstein
Contact: Angela Godfrey-Goldstein
Director: Guy Davidi
Editing: Guy Davidi
Cinematography: Guy Davidi
Sound: Guy Davidi
Documentary 14'

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Guy Davidi, born in Jaffa, is at once a director, film editor and cameraman, making documentaries about Israel social and political issues, many filmed in the Occupied Territories. His movie 5 Broken Cameras was nominated for the 2013 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

2011: Five Broken Cameras
2010: Interrupted Streams
2010: Keywords
2009: Women Defying Borders
2008: A Gift from Heaven
2006: In Working Progress


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