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Photo Mascot

United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and the European Union (EU) hold a photography competition each year, open to all Palestine refugees aged 16-29. 

The theme for the 2014 competition was 'I Am Not a Statistic', calling on participants to capture the stories and emotions of the people behind news headlines, to personalize the stories of the dead, wounded and displaced due to conflicts throughout the region.

First prize went to Niraz Said, aged 23, for his picture entitled 'The Three Kings' portraying three brothers in the Al Yarmouk Refugee Camp near Damascus, Syria.  Niraz Said himself will be seen at the festival in the film, Letters from Al Yarmouk by Rashid Masharawi on this year's film program.

But it was the photo attributed the People's Choice Award by Gazan photographer Khalid Atif Hasan that caught our eye and became our mascot image promoting Middle East: What Cinema Can Do for its 7th edition in Nov 2015.

The photos were the  subject of an exhibit held in Gaza at the UNRWA Rehabilitation Centre for the Visually Impaired in November 2014.

In the words of UNRWA Director of Operations in Gaza, Robert Turner, "The photo exhibition not only highlights the vast talent, creativity and innovation amongst young Palestine refugees, but also serves as a reminder that behind every number we quote on the recent war in Gaza is a human being with hopes, dreams, aspirations and the desire for a decent life."

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