3 Dec, Theme: Egypt




Jews of Egypt

For the early evening show of Amir Ramses film “Jews of Egypt”, Egyptian director Tahani Rached and Israeli lawyer Lea Tsemel were present to discuss the film with the audience, assisted by our interpreter Laure Fourest.

Tahani Rached, Lea Tsemel & Laure Fourest

Tahani Rached

lots of reactions from the audience

The evening debate

Moderated by Samuel Chalom, special guest François Pradal, journalist and ex-director of the French Héliopolis Center, was present, as were the two filmmakers of the evening films: Tahani Rached for “A Deep Long Breath” and Sabreen Bint Loula for “Liberté, Liberté, O mon Eypte”.

Samuel, Tahani, Francois

Samuel, Tahani, Francois

Samuel Chalom

François Pradal

François Pradal

Tahani & François

Samuel & Tahani

Sabreen & Samuel

Sabreen Bint Loula