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Item posted on: 13-10-2013
Opening Night - A World Not Ours
Filmed over more than 20 years by multiple generations of the same family, A World Not Ours is more than just a family portrait; it is an attempt to record what is being forgotten, and mark what should not be erased from collective memory.

The director includes video footage shot by his father in the 80s and 90s. His family and friends and their everyday conflicts are portrayed with delicacy and humour. Meanwhile, archive material helps provide political background for this cinematic diary that adopts an unusual approach that is far from heavy in spite of its topic, as can be seen in the filmmaker's father repeatedly looking at his recording of Arafat's handshake with Rabin in Washington.

The film also tells the story of Mahdi Fleifel's long-time friend Abu Eyad. The two men share a passion for Palestinian politics, melancholic music and football. During the football world cup, the Palestinians watch the matches on a TV in a sports shop. For a few weeks, they become Brazilians, Germans or Italians. But whereas Fleifel may enter and leave the camp as he pleases, Abu Eyad is left only with his decision to escape.

Mahdi Fleifel is a Palestinian filmmaker and visual artist based in London. He was born in Dubai, raised in the Ain El-Helweh refugee camp in Lebanon and later in the suburbs of Elsinore, Denmark. He graduated from the British National Film and Television School in 2009.

Arafat & I, his first year film, screened at numerous festivals around the world and won many awards. In 2010, Fleifel teamed up with Irish producer Patrick Campbell. Together they set up the London-based production company Nakba Filmworks.

A World Not Ours is his debut feature film and has been travelling around the world collecting trophies:  Berlinale 2013 Peace Film Prize, l'Objectif d'Or at the Brussels Millenium Documentary Film Festival, Best Documentary at Friestadt, Austria and Guanajuato International Film Festival, a Best World Cinema Award in New Zealand at Documentary Edge Festival…

Mahdi started work on his second feature at the Cannes' Cinefondation residence which started its session in March 2013.

Showing at the our event as an avant-première, Eurozoom is releasing the film in French cinemas on December 4.

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