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Item posted on: 17-02-2014
Final Note: The Fight Goes On
In 2011 at our last edition, the Arab Spring was in progress and UNESCO raised the Palestinian flag. Two years later, no earthshattering advances to report, yet the embers of change, democracy and peace are still smoldering.
The experience of the five past editions taught us the ins and outs of a good organization. The ten-day period of this edition went very smoothly thanks to the addition of young volunteers assisting the organizers. Their presence mingled with the regulars of past years and rejuvenated the event.

The forty films from the different Middle Eastern countries were more centered on culture and historical issues, a different twist on the politics of the region. The filmmakers continue to express themselves and the frustrations and hopes of the people, using their cameras as weapons focusing on topics such as music, painting, cinema well as the historical exploitation of stones and the confiscation of books and water.

We also noted a decreasing availability of fiction films, due to budgets most certainly, but also to the increasing number of films now being shown in movie houses. Filmmakers such as Hany Abu Assad, Avi Mograbi or Annemarie Jacir who were present at our early editions are now getting theatrical releases. And we salute them. Fortunately there are still plenty of young filmmakers eager to get their works seen.

We were delighted to welcome more than 15 filmmakers who attended and responded to the inquisitive audiences. Our intent is always to inform via these films and the filmmakers, to go beyond what the media presents. The audience was also extremely attentive at each of the evening debates where further dimensions of the issues were expanded on by geo-political specialists.

There have been several requests to take the biennial Middle East: What Cinema Can Do on the road to other cities in France as well as international destinations including Rabat and Ramallah. And for the first time we are beginning to explore all these possibilities. Of course, we will be back in Paris for the 7th edition in 2015.

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