Middle East: What Cinema Can Do is proud to present 60 films over a 14-day period. One third of the films are shorts and two-thirds are documentaries, each painting a different facet of the bigger picture. Docu-fiction works are more and more prevalent as filmmakers begin to portray the reality in their countries, searching new ways to communicate their messages. The TV format has also become a popular form of expression and outlet to get films seen; a dozen will be screened. A number of features, both fiction and documentary, will be seen at the festival before being released in theatres next year.

From the more than 150 films previewed, the films chosen illustrate the daily theme in which they will be shown, from Iraq and Kurdistan to Syria and Lebanon, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Jerusalem, but also the Arab Spring, Women, Strangers in their own land ….
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Screening date : 05/12/2011 -- 18h00
Va et vient / Back and Forth
This unusual documentary is the story of the nomadic Bedouins forced by the Israeli government to relinquish their life style and relocate into permanent dwellings. Settling in villages and townships has left large parts of this society in despair. While they try to move forward and progress, they are still held back by desert traditions, and also, by discrimination.

Screening date : 10/12/2011 -- 18h00
Vidéocartographies: Aïda, Palestine
Somewhere in the middle of intersecting borders lies the Aida refugee camp. Caught up in the absurd daily logistics of circulating, men, women and children are fighting for their freedom of movement. They insist on finding a way to simply live their lives with courage, with craftiness, and humour too.

Screening date : 06/12/2011 -- 18h00
The Wind is Blowing on My Street
A young girl in Tehran is accidentally locked out of her apartment and left on the street without her headscarf. A man befriends her. The Wind is Blowing on My Street looks at an unexpected interaction in an environment where a simple mishap could lead to trouble.

Screening date : 06/12/2011-- 20h30
Women of Hamas
Four Palestinian women, each with different backgrounds, discuss their lives as followers of Hamas, which came to power in  the 2006 Palestinian elections. Footage of a Hamas kindergarten makes it clear that the militancy doesn't just come from nowhere: martyrdom knows no sadness. Not even for a mother.

Screening date : 01/12/2011 -- 18h00
A journey into the enclosed world of two of Cairo's mental hospitals, Zelal draws us into the day-to-day life of "ordinary" men and women. The film lays bare a shattered humanity abandoned without hope, left to stumble about in the backwash of life's misfortunes. In the process, the viewer confronts his own demons, with the disturbing realization that the mentally ill are actually extensions of society's madness.

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