Screening date:12/12/2009 -- 20h00
5.56 mm

A militia sniper lies in ambush in the ruins of a war ravaged city. Alone, he operates once the fighting has stopped. One day, appears… a rat.

Country: France/Lebanon
Year: 2008
Production:  Nida Wakim -  Grenade Productions - Tél : +41 78 839 39 69
Director: Nida Wakim
Cinematography: Valerio Truffa
Editing: Morgan Le Pivert
Music: Patrick Morganthaler, Daniel Largent, David Playe
With : Nida Wakim
HD - 14'

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Born in Beirut in 1966, he lived in Lebanon until 1976. He obtained a BSC in Business Management from Los Angeles. He also took courses in theatre, was a member of the Théâtre de l'Étang company in Geneva and acted in several films. 5.56 mm is his first film.

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