Item posted on: 25-09-2007
World Premiere

Samir Abdallah will be presenting the world premiere of his latest film Monday night, 26 November. 

Screening in the framework of the daily debate+film dedicated to Lebanon, Après la guerre, c'est toujours la guerre takes us into Beirut under fire during the war that lasted 33 days in the summer of 2006. The director left with a French delegation supporting the Lebanese resistance and presents an eyewitness report through the people he meets. After the war, this time attached to Handicap International, the film takes us to Southern Lebanon on an investigation into the type of bombs dropped on millions by Israel during the last few days of this war.

Following Nous retournerons un jour (1999) which looked at 50 years of exile of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Chronique d'un siège - Ramallah, avril 2002 (2003) and Écrivains des frontières - Un voyage en Palestine(s) (2004), Samir is presenting his latest episode of unrest in the Middle East.

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