Screening date:09/12/2009 -- 20h
About Home

About Home takes an inside look at a refugee camp 60 years later. Suha and Ahmad are two young Palestinian refugees born in Lebanon. They are the second generation Palestinian refugees. Their hearts belong to Palestine but they have only seen their country on television.

Country: Spain/Lebanon
Year: 2008
Production:  Prisamatafilms - Sant Lluis street 28 – Tél : 00 346 35 36 23 99. Television of Catalonia - carrer de la tv3 - Tel : 00 349 34 99 93 33
Director: Anna Giralt Gris
Editing: Anna Giralt Gris
Cinematography: Anna Giralt Gris
Sound: Manel Mayol
DVcam  –  color  –  43 min

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Born in 1978 in Barcelona. She finished her of Film and Communication studies in Barcelona in 2001. She also studied graphic design and has worked as a filmmaker for television since her beginnings in moving pictures. She has also coproduced several documentaries for various Spanish TV stations, and in 2007, she created her own production company called Prisamatafilms.

2008 - Raval Anatomy
2005 - Another Life
2003 - Human Shields in Baghdad
2002 - One day around Iran

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