Screening date:04/12/2009 -- 18h
Goal Dreams

Preparation for Palestine's decisive match in its attempt to qualify for the 2006 World Cup. Together, through the universal language of football, the players of Palestinian origin from around the world are learning to forge a common identity, and a nation learns the hope and tragedy that lay within dreams.

Country: Palestine/USA
Year: 2006
Production: Maya Sanbar & Jeffrey Saunders - Clarity Productions - 201 Clinton St - suite 3 - Brooklyn, NY 11201 - USA - Tel : 00 1 646  226 5987
Director: Maya Sanbar & Jeffrey Saunders
Cinematography: Carlos Gomez
Editing: Richard Lowe, Matyas Veress
Sound: Steven Ghouti
Music:  Chez Jean, Jesse Dorsey
With: Morad Farid, Roberto Ketlun, Alfred Riedl, Ramzi Saleh, Rami El Hassan
Beta SP    84 min

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Maya Sanbar was born in Lebanon and grew up in the UK. Lebanese-French-Palestinian filmmaker, she regularly spends extensive months filming in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, and other conflict areas either for broadcasters or for the United Nations. She has worked extensively with the BBC and ARTE, and has her own production company. She directs documentaries and produces feature films, two of which were selected in competition at the Cannes film festival in 2007 and 2008.

Jeffrey Saunders: Director, producer and founder of CinemaCapital , an independent production and distribution company based in New York focused on realizing cross cultural feature films and series.

Filmography Maya Sanbar & Jeffrey Saunders
2002 - Pedal (directed and produced)
2005 - Hope (directed and produced)
2006 - Goal Dreams (directed and produced)
2006 - Vintage Baseball (directed and produced)
2007 - Salt of this Sea (co-production)
2008 - The Time that Remains (co-production)
2009 - Who Killed Chea Vichea (co-production)
2009 - A NY Thing (co-production)

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